" We Protect Your Power"

Commercial & Residential Generators

Turnkey Installation is available for all brand new generators.

  • 10 to 90 kVA Single Phase – Small units mainly used to power homes, small offices, and  shops.
  • 200 to 275 kVA – Medium sized units suitable for Homes, large workshops, schools, Office building
  • 800 to 2,200 kVA –Larger Units more suitable for larger infrastructure (i.e: Airports, Hospitals e.t.c )

Automatic Transfer Switches

We also carry  ASCO Transfer Switches that are compatible with all type generators which can be installed Indoors or Outdoors


Genstek Reliance also carries geniune parts for various generators.


Energy Saver

The Energy Saver is using proven scientific principles that reduce your electrical Demand. The Energy Saver is designed to work the moment it is installed; by reducing the amount of heat running through the wires and motor, the longevity of your appliances are greatly enhanced. 

Best of all, not only do you increase the longevity, you save money on your electricity bill! 

**Single Phase and 3 Phase  Models that are compatible with 50 - 400 amp Service/ Breaker Panels. 

Surge Protector

The Lifetime Surge Protector protects your home or business from powerful surges. Other surge protection devices take one hit and needs replacements; while our LSP surge protector can take thousands and still will not need to be replaced all while keeping the electronics of your home and office protected.

**The Surge Protector comes in Single Phase and 3 Phase units.